Why Donate?

Why Donate?AEA Ministries. Why Donate?

We support the quiet Christian efforts in Iran.  We can not say more.

We presently have an urgent need for 50,000 GodPods. We believe the GodPod can impact hundreds to consider the claims of Christ in its working lifetime. The units can be produced and are available not-for-profit, at $33 each. Whether you can provide one, 50, 150 or 1,500, you will be directly affecting the outcome of history in the Middle East. We urge you to pray about this, now a ripple that can become a tidal wave.

The Iranians are open to the Gospel as never before. They are hungry for the message of grace. You can donate by credit card or by contacting our office at 1 888 JAMES 5:14.

Today in India, most of the new conversions from Hinduism to Christianity come from the lowest castes. They work 16-hour days for the price of an order of French fries at McDonalds. These people “HAVE NO HOPE.” However, if they can master the English language, they can get jobs that they couldn’t dream of ever having. AEA initiated ELA, the English Language Academy-India, to give those with no hope the tools to provide for themselves, their loved ones, and to do the Lord’s work. Each school can operate on an annual budget of $28,000 and become self-sustaining within three years.

Please consider “teaching them how to fish.” Your commitment can lead to brothers and sisters, without hope, having a future that will be effective for the Lord and providing a mechanism that will sustain itself in record time.

There are no medical facilities in large parts of rural China. Young Chinese Christians are available to be trained in Chinese herbal medicine, and use that healing knowledge to have a tent-making ministry, and a platform to share the love of Jesus Christ. A facility has been acquired in the Southwest Highlands of China to train these energetic young believers in the word and healing arts.

Your gift will help provide self-sustaining missionaries who will go from town-to-town sharing. Healers are always welcome in China.

Refuge of Hope, a ministry in the heart of Washington D.C.’s most troubled neighborhood, is bringing light and hope to those the world has left behind, through ministries of counseling, food banks, nursery school, and a dorm to house and protect battered wives. This block was once the epicenter of the narcotics kingpins in D.C. It is now a light of hope to the entire area.

Drs. Judy and Charles Farmer contribute their time to leading this strategic ministry. Running on a lean, no-salaries budget, Refuge of Hope deserves to be heard.

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