Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

 American Evangelistic Association


The Christian ministry is an extension and enlargement of the ministry of Christ. (John 14:12) It is essential that the minister, as God’s representative and spokesman, should maintain relations on a high level of trust and confidence.

Canon of Ethics

No code can be framed that will set forth all the standards which a minister should maintain in relation to other men. The following is an abridgement of the AEA Code of Ethics as adopted by the Board of Directors.


The minister shall realize that in the eyes of the world he is the ideal and representative of Christianity and that Christianity is judged by his action and conduct. His personal life must befit such responsibility.


The Biblical pattern for the Body of Christ is the sovereignty, yet interdependence of all ministers. The world will believe only as we are one; the major considerations in relation to ministers and laity must be that of speaking for, encouraging, promoting and engaging in fellowship. The causes of fellowship should never be subjected to personal feelings or animosities.


The minister’s Christian dedication should be such as to subordinate outside interests to the many phases and requirements of the Christian Ministry. The dedication of the minister should make him willing to sacrifice in every way to fill his calling.


The use of influence acquired by ministerial position should never be used for personal gain or profit. As money is the medium of civilization and because of its prominence in man’s life, it should be placed in its proper perspective as regards the ministry. In monetary affairs, the minister should maintain a clear record that would dispel doubts to his activities in this field. A minister should not make excessive demands and should not indulge in extravagant living based upon support from God’s people.


The minister should strive to be of benefit not only to those about him, but to all peoples regardless of race, color or creed and should keep in confidence that which has been entrusted to him in private.


In the business world, the minister should cultivate a good reputation in monetary and business affairs by the extension of spiritual and moral standards into his business life. He should be a good and wise custodian; a steward of the Lord’s resources and attempt to better his ability in his stewardship. Should differences arise they should be dealt with in Christian love and unity with mutual respect being shown.

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