AEA Affiliated Ministries

AEA Affiliated Ministries

AEA Ministry Partners

AEA Chaplain Services – AEA Chaplains are represented in police departments, fire departments, hospitals, prisons, sports teams and businesses.

AEA Christian Counseling Centers – AEA counseling centers such as Household of Faith in Patchogue, New York, offer counseling for marriage and family issues, as well as providing college level, Certified Biblical Counseling Training Courses.  There are four courses in the initial curriculum.  They are designed to benefit the professional, volunteer and lay counsel, and also those who wish to educate themselves in this area.  Please contact Virginia Bieber, (631) 758-6107 or

AEA Christian Support Ministries – This service is to provide expertise to churches and church organizations on how to obtain funding for their programs. The leadership has been instrumental in raising over 2 billion dollars for groups like the Norman Vincent Peale Foundation, Campus Crusade for Christ International, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Dr. D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, as well as many Christian colleges and universities. Dr. Gaylord Briley Directs this strategic ministry.

AEA Evangelistic Teams – Over 40 AEA evangelistic teams are active in the USA and many more are active throughout the world. For example, India has 125 full-time AEA evangelists.

AEA Internet Outreach Initiatives – This online ministry evangelizes and disciples using the Internet Websites, chat rooms, and email.

AEA Member Defense – Should any AEA member be challenged by any governmental body, AEA will support the member with evidence to assist the member’s case.

AEA Member Pastors and Chartered Fellowships – AEA offers credentials to pastors and missionaries. AEA members serve across the nation and throughout the world. AEA charters ministries and fellowships. AEA is an association of independent churches. Members agree to come together for mutual defense, share services, network and have fellowship.

AEA Radio Programming – AEA pastors have radio programs regionally throughout the USA and include the well known “Touch of Joy”, “Today’s Bible Study” and “Send the Light” programs.

AEA Internet Outreach Initiatives – This online ministry evangelizes and disciples using the Internet Websites, chat rooms, and email.

AEA Rehab Initiatives – Rehab initiatives such as Tri-County Rehab, Inc. of Decatur, Alabama exist in a social welfare context to assist those in need of mental health services for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

AEA Spotlight – AEA publishes a newsletter featuring AEA ministry outreaches, special projects and announcing coming events.

AEA Urban Ministries – AEA Urban Ministries, like Refuge of Hope Disciple Center Church in Washington D.C., operates Community Outreach Centers in urban areas distributing emergency food, clothing, educational supplies to those in need. Refuge of Hope is led by Drs. Charles and Judy Farmer. (202) 526-2440.

African Ministry Initiatives – Pastor Mwizerwa leads and outreach initiative to mentor, network, evangelize and provide accountability for African Students and immigrants in middle Tennessee.

Be in Wholeness Ministry – Using the book Supernatural Health, this ministry teaches the relationships between the spiritual dimensions of “being” and how it impacts health. By bringing wholeness to one’s spirit, good health results. Pastor Sam Townsend conducts seminars to help believers understand the dimensions of health that awaits those who truly follow Biblical precepts.

Center for Biblical Studies – CBS teaches pastors how to serve and mature their congregants among the Meskito Indians in Honduras and Ecuador. Books and learning materials are furnished, as well as instructors for unit sessions that run two weeks in duration. The series includes 20 units. For information call Pastor Larry Buckman 863 686-2744.

Christian Rights Legal Assistance – The ministry connects organizations or individuals who believe their rights as Christians have been violated, with attorneys who are willing to act in their behalf on a no fee basis. These instances normally involve a federal, state, or local government initiative, which in some way tends to prohibit or inhibit the rights of Christians to freely exercise their faith according to their biblical convictions. AEA will come to assist any member whose credentials are challenged.

Christian Vision China – CVC trains Christians in Chinese Herbal Medicine. The graduates go from village to village as healers and sharing God’s love. They are self sustaining.

Floating Bible Schools – Pastor Allen and Kathy Sappington lead a network of Floating Bible Schools (boats with generators, TV, and DVD players as teaching tools) taking the gospel to the Kuna Indians who live on the chain of islands off the Gulf Coast of Panama.

Hispanic Mission Initiatives – HMI acquires land in Mexico and builds churches.

Life Changing Ministry – LCM arranges work programs in Central and South America for AEA churches to send work teams to construct water treatment plants, churches, half-way houses, schools and medical clinic construction. To participate in a work mission trip contact Ted Wareing.

Medical/Lifestyle Center, Nikolaev, Ukraine – AEA raised funds and had constructed a medical clinic/lifestyle center on the Bug River in Nikolaev. The center services 20 couples, in 19-day programs to reverse diseases like diabetes and coronary heart disease through lifestyle modification.

Medical Mobilizers – MM exists to help mobilize medical professionals for ministry and missions. This is accomplished in 4 areas: medical marketplace, medical mentoring, medical marriages and medical missions. Pastor Ron Lively leads MM.

Prepared ALHWays – Helping people to make informed decisions and to enjoy Health & Wholeness, Wealth & Resource Management, and Sustainable Living Success.  Abundant Living in Harm’s Way – ALHWays.

Tax Counseling for Pastors – AEA provides resources for tax expertise to members relavant to tax issues and ministry.

The Marriage Bed – The Marriage Bed Ministry deals with sexual health, sex addictions, and marriage issues. Through the Internet, chat rooms, and seminars, biblical principals are introduced that advance personal wholeness and true intimacy. Pastor Paul and Lori Byerly answer thousands of hits a month.

TYG Media Christian Multi-Media Production Company –  specializing in Radio/TV/Internet development. Radio Production with Christian FM Radio Networks; TV Production with LifeSat TV Networks; Internet & Full Video/Audio Internet development from Production Facilities in Palm Bay, Florida area.

Voice of Freedom – VOF is a radio program that speaks to issues involving Christian rights being eclipsed or abused, as well as government initiatives that erode Judeo-Christian values. The group maintains close contact with elected officials to assure our viewpoint is articulated. Voice of Freedom is produced in York, Pennsylvania and is led by Dr. Jim Nichols.

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